“Unbelievable!!  I couldn’t imagine what was happening when I learned Mortie had an abnormal gland requiring surgery to determine if he had head/neck cancer.  What was unbelievable was that I just completed my own treatment for head/neck cancer.  Now my sweet Mortie was facing potential cancer in this same identical area!  After Mortie’s surgery, he spent 3 nights in ICU where the veterinary specialists and technicians monitored his recovery.  This was tough for Mortie.  When I learned I could only see him during visiting hours, it became tough for both of us!  I had to trust that the medical team would care for Mortie in my absence, which they did beyond my expectations.  They fell in love with Mortie which was evident during my visits as I saw how comfortable and unafraid he behaved.  When it was time to take Mortie home, the medical team wouldn’t discharge him until he was able to say goodbye to ALL his adoring fans.  A loving touch that still brings tears to my eyes!  A final word about Mortie’s medical journey, his tumor was indeed cancerous and the cancer was completely removed.  Mortie and I are now both cancer-free!!”